Sustainable Electronic Product Design design and develop innovative products aimed at improving
energy efficiency, particularly in the home energy and renewable energy

We specialise in low power microcontroller, PSTN telecom and short range wireless
remote control and datalogging systems.

These include:

Wireless temperature monitoring

PSTN and wireless remote monitoring and switching

Energy datalogging

Remote meter reading

Solar Water Heating System controllers

Remote and Zone Heating Controllers

Photovoltaic panels and solar pV controllers

Off-grid power solutions including:

Ruggedised bio-fuel Generator Sets

Domestic Combined Heat and Power Systems  DCHP

Batteries and charging systems

Inverters and grid connect equipment

We also undertake custom electronic product design with specialist expertise in
telecom and low power wireless products.

In House Expertise Includes:

Multilayer PCB Layout
Low power embedded microcontroller development
Packaging and Enclosure design including plastic injection mouldings
Custom Firmware
Design and Test

Powercubes have manufacturing Partners based in the Far East, and are uniquely
positioned to provide Clients with a complete design and volume manufacturing
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